Frequently Asked Questions

What is CyclesofWealth?

CyclesofWealth is a web-based advertising and revenue sharing platform.Our revenue share program is based on a 5 stage wealth cycler whereby Every cycler line pays 300% per Ad Position when it cycles out. Every time a new position is bought in a line a percentage of the cost of that Ad Position is added to the top position. When that top Ad Position reach 300%, it's full and cycles out.

Can I Purchase Ad Positions from any Cycler Line?

Yes, you can but you must purchase a lower level package to be elegible to purchase a higher level purchase. This means , in other to buy a $10.00 cycler line, you must own at least One ad position in the $5.00 cycler line. and in other to buy a $15 ad position, you must both own a $5.00 and a $10.00 Ad Position.

When will I get paid for my Ad Positions?

There is not a prefixed time frame, as it depends on the number of positions being purchased on the cycler lines.

What Do I Earn Per Ad Position?

Every Ad Position either one line one or on line 5 matures after it has earned 300% of its value.

What is the minimum & maximum withdrawal amount?

Members can request a maximum daily withdrawal of $500 and a minimum of $2.00.

All withdrawal requests are processed instantly.

How much can I earn by referring others?

Although referring is not required but should you refer people that purchase ad positions you shall be highly compensated. You will earn referral commission three levels deep. 7% on your direct referral purchases. 5% on your indirect referral purchases and 3% on your level 3 downline team members ad position purchases.

When will my Ad Positions cycle?

There is no guaranteed timeframe for cycling as it totally depends on the number of positions purchased. This is how a cycler works.

Can a free member earn and request withdrawals?

Members should have at least 1 Advertising position in the cycler to qualify for all referral commissions.

What is the minimum funding amount?

The minimum funding amount is $5.00 and maximum funding allowed is $5,000.00 per account

What payment processors do you accept?

We only accept deposits using bitcoins. Deposits and withdrawals are automatically and instantly processed.